Inez Angelica Macias Monzon — Angelica Macias Is Right Back Where She Started.

Angelica the h0e from San Jose is back after she swore she would never be back. She was supposed to be too good and rich unlike the rest of us. We all went to high school with this short sh1t b1tch. She fuked everyone’s man. Stole their money and fuked lives of good people. Then she talked sh1t about how she was worth more in this world. Now her ugly boy looking a55 is back but this time she can’t even afford the lifestyle she pretended to have for the last 16 years. She has a big nosed 43 yr old retired model she keeps bragging about. Shes 36 and still is delusional as ever. Her drunk a55 forgot we aren’t drunk like her. Fuking alcoholic h0e. She snorted coke too and acts like we dont see her bullshit just because shes not pimped out in Vegas for now. Fuking b1tch needs a wakeup call. Shes 36 and her pu55y loose as fuk. Half her neighborhood has seen her walking the streets of down town san Jose. She has posed for more men and given them blow jobs to get plan tickets to Vegas and any other place she could find clients. call this b1tch out. She still texting and calling my man on the low. Her idiot husband teaches class at 24 hr in Eastside. But gyms are closed he should watch her and know she is always reaching out to the guys shes fuked And fuking. Hope she doesnt teach her daughter the same tricks she had. Because guess what inez angelica Macias Monzon you are never gonna get away with the bullshit you think is getting past people. You are dirty scvm b1tch. She is now going by her legal name Inez Angelica Macias instead of Angelica Macias Monzon. H0e no matter how you arrange your name. You’re always gonna be a skank with a dirty a55 and dirty past. Take your a55 back to vegas or tarzana or wherever the fuk chris is from.

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