Dominique Nicole Cook —Straight Up Dirt Bag Scvm Of The Earth

Dominique Nicole Cook —Straight Up Dirt Bag Scvm Of The Earth. This buttslut takes the cake she is da biggest scvm of da earth the lowest of the low.She has no problem being a side b1tch knows when da dude shes fuking has a woman,lady,wife or whatever n has no problem fuking up a relationship shes a proud homewreaker..This short fat round cvm guzzling dirtbag b1tch is so unloyal she did her own so called best friend dirty i know cuz shes real close to me and i seen first hand the hurt she felt that b1tch will do her own friends dirty her own family as well.She is all strung out on meth and stuck putting syringes in her veins where ever she can hit da vein.This b1tch uses her big boobs to her advantage but da rest of her body is so disproportioned she looks funny with her flat a55 that runs on with her back.She thinks she is a baller but barely learned to sell dope n since shes been selling dope has gotten jacked by a few d1cks that have most definetly probably penetrated that blown out pu55y its like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.And on top of that this b1tch has to have halitosis or something cuz the b1tches breath is kickin like jackie chan in 1 of his movies.Or she just has a rotten mouth from all different d1cks shes let ram out da back of her throat..So if you see this b1tch in san jose running around stay away from her shes as nasty as they get n will allow your man to do whatever you wont so she can bag em..

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