Ryan Dellinger — Uncircumcised Liar Cheater Broke A55 Wanna Be Pilot

Ryan Dellinger — Uncircumcised Liar Cheater Broke A55 Wanna Be Pilot. This guy is the biggest piece of sh1t liar cheater sociopath. He will tell you he Has money and is a successful pilot until he moves in with you and you realize he has no pilots license no money no job and only wants to live off of you and suk you dry financially. He is a dead beat dad Who never sees his poor son but chooses to hang out with floozies over spending time with his son. He dates 3 to 4 women at once while telling them all that they are the only one but receiving money and gifts from them until they find out the truth. He loves to play the victim until every woman he meets that he was molested by his older brother for sympathy. He hooks up with men and women and keeps Is homosexuality a secret (or tries). Ladies (and men) beware!! Ps He also has drd.

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