John Valente — DRDs The Gift That Keeps On Giving

John Valente — DRDs The Gift That Keeps On Giving. John Valente has an in curable sexually transmitted drd called drds. He has gone through Multiple women. Once they learn the truth about him, they run for the hills! As they should! People think that because he owns a dilapidated charter boat, he has his act together.. He does not. The boat has no hot water, he lives on the boat. He puts down the mother of his children and said she was not and is not a good mother. He definitely is on the spectrum. This man pretends to be nice. He uses women and their social connections to get business for his boat. Who Girls around having unprotected sex with in curable drd? A narcissistic , selfish person that does that! Just look at his social media page and see all the women he continues to date. Women watch out for this one unless you like to get the gift that keeps on giving!

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