Melissa Arlene Lindig — Conniving Toxic Snake

Melissa Arlene Lindig — Conniving Toxic Snake. Ok, this literal thieving B1TCH. I am about to really go off. This whore is a floozy druggie named Melissa, one of her hands are deformed and she’s missing a tit (she stuffs one side of her bra with socks lmao) and she has a real bad case of sticky fingers. Let me explain. This b1tch has stolen from my mother and I countless times, but we were always to chicken sh1t to do anything about it. Finally though, finally I’ve stood up for myself against her. She’s stolen a knife of mine that she gave me and god only knows what else, but when she stole this little alien container from my mom, that was the last straw. My mom saw the container at Melissa’s hotel room and the next day when I went over, that cvnt had the audacity to have said container smack dab out in the open on her bed and then proceeded to lie to me, saying that she bought it at a corner store. So while she was in the bathroom I took it back, shoved it in my moms purse. I know she knew I took it, but neither of us said anything about it. Up until now. That barred out retard ended up losing her stupid a55 vape pen and insists that she left it at our apartment on my couch. And of course, what’s new, she thinks I took it. So she confronted me tonight. I’m a teenager and she’s a whole grown a55 30 something year old and that bitch was literally pulling her hair up, and threatening to kick my a55. Honestly, bring it on b1tch. She doesn’t think I can fight? I could easily rearrange her goddamn face in a heartbeat. I wont, but I fuking could. Anyway, she confronted me, telling me she knows I took her stupid vape pen and “her” alien container. I didn’t take the pen but ofc I took the container back. And LMAOO She told me she saw me take it but she’s fuking lying because she was in the bathroom! And then she said she saw the outline of it in my pocket. Which as you know isn’t true because I put it in my moms purse! This b1tch is gonna have a rude a55 awakening soon enough. She’s all threatening to call CPS on us but really, we should be calling them on her. I would love it if she never got to see her sweet little boy Ashton, or her two sweet daughters. B1tch, bring it on. She thinks she can fuk our lives up, but I’m gonna fuk hers

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