MARYJO SANCHEZ HOMEWRECKING CVNT. This is Maryjo Sanchez. She is the biggest liar and fakest person I’ve ever known. She ruined a 6 year relationship by sending multiple snapchat nude videos to my friend’s boyfriend. So this friend’s boyfriend was in a Respiratory program at a community college (remember this for college), and Maryjo was also in this program. This flirty b1tch started back in January 2020 flirting with my friend’s boyfriend all the way up until now in July 2020. She would like his photos of just him, snapchat him all the time, call him, text him and talk sh1t about my friend when she wasn’t around. My friend finally caught everything (even though she suspected it for MONTHS) finally caught it by finding a video of the recorded nudes she sent him. Also to make her sluttyness known even more, she had sent him ALL OF HER SAVED NUDES: nudes from 2018, 2019, basically her saved snap memories along with a few current videos. So of course, when both of them are caught and called out Maryjo had the audacity to try and threaten my friend for finding the video, when INSTEAD this b1tch should have apologized. 6 damn years. 6 years my friend has been on this path with this guy and Maryjo KNEW HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND! My friend even had her on instagram following each other to make herself known and this b1tch still sent what she sent. But here is the other sh1t we have on her. She is a sh1tty liar. She claims to go to a university for her program when, what did I say earlier? It’s a community college. Not the university she claimed and even funnier.. the girlfriend actually went to said claimed University so we both knew this b1tch didn’t go there. Then she wants to post on her twitter too saying “oh I have a job interview today!” and “got the job!” B1TCH. That was a practice mock interview for the program she’s in. She didn’t get any job. She also isn’t even a licensed RRT yet, but has it posted all over her social media. There is so much more we could call her out on but she is a LOW LIFE HOMEWRECKING DUMB A55 B1TCH WHO CAN’T OWN UP TO HER OWN FAULTS. She should have apologized to my friend, instead of rant on her social media about how much of “saint” she is and how she’s “so single and wants the one” well honey, a taken man isn’t the one. You can find her on facebook as Maryjo sanchez, Twitter: [REDACTED] so our final words to you Maryjo: Next time have the fuking decency to apologize and own up to your sh1t. You can’t threaten a girl who found your nudes that you voluntarily sent to a taken man, even SAVED videos that have dates on them that we could show for proof if you really want go that route. You knew for months this guy was taken, you knew who she was, what she does, and you knew exactly what choices you were making. To pressure someone’s boyfriend and tell them your going to “torture them” makes you a low dirty and nasty person. You have a lot of work to do on yourself because your social media posts and tweets clearly show you are a pathological liar and clearly need an help. We feel sorry for you, we hate you, and we hope that karma fuking finds you one day. This girl loved him, and you destroyed that future for her. So again, have some fucking decency and look out for your own kind instead of tweeting about yourself and fuking with taken guys. And one last thing, stop claiming your false academic success. There are people out there who are busting their a55ess off, pouring their hearts out into their degrees, and some even losing their lives out in the field and for you to claim a title you clearly don’t uphold is shameful. Fuk you Maryjo.

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