Marilou Sayre — Loose Lou

Marilou Sayre — Loose Lou. This dumb b1tch has the nerve to call herself beauty Lou like she isn’t the ugliest looking monkey to walk around SA. She is a gym rat who likes to fuck with married men while she has/had a boyfriend who she still lives with. She has a kid who she had when she was a teen (started opening her legs at an early age) who she doesn’t take care of. She claims to be a “photographer” but her shoots consist of nothing but men she has either fuked or trying to fuk and herself she also claims to do makeup but hasn’t had a client in like 5 years so I am guessing her services aren’t in high demand but with a face like that who would want to hire her? All she does is smoke weed and give head for ice. Please put her nasty a55 on blast so everyone in SA can know to steer clear of this drd ridden h0e (btw did I mean she has an DRD). Btw the guy in one of these pics is a low life who actually abandons his young kids to sneak this h0e into his house to fuk and get high since the b1tch don’t have a place of her own.

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