Marilou “Mowgli” Sayre At It Again

Marilou “Mowgli” Sayre At It Again. So this here is Marilou, Lou or as people are now starting to refer to her as mowgli since she looks a lot like a flat chested, buck toothed jungle creature. This b1tch is still not only h0eing around with people’s husbands and boyfriends. Word is she is also a thief and stolen from peoples homes that she has been in. She does nothing but smoke and snort pepsi. So she may be stealing to pay for that or pay for her scripts for the DRD she has. Please let anyone and everyone know to stay away from her and her supposed “businesses” you won’t only have your significant other to possibly loose but your money and/ belongings. Here is how she normally looks sucking whatever she can get her hands on.

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Don’t trust Candy the lying whore