Lexus Suleiman — Dont Have Her Around Cause She Will Steal Ur Sh1t!

I was a friend. Trying to help her be a better person but through that whole time I had caught her red-handed stealing some stuff of mine I mean it was small stuff but it started turning into bigger things and what broke the camel’s back was when she stole my prescription of Xanax and started selling them. I only know that she’s doing this because the people that are supposedly as her friends are the ones that are telling me and her family are telling me. So be very wary of this ratchet a55 rat cuz she will get you when she can she’s done not only that to me but she’s done it to everybody our family everybody hohoho family doesn’t even like her cuz all she does is still to get money to buy drugs. She acts so sweet at first you feel sorry for her because she has one eye but guess what that was, for all the badsh1t she has done when she was younger and she continues to do bad shit as an older as an adult. CPS took her son away because she was so hooked on Heroin she couldn’t take care of them she couldn’t care less all she cared about was her drugs and she doesn’t give a sh1tt how she get some. Shell have sex with people with guys so she can get her fixed. I know these are all facts and if anybody tries to say that they’re not then they are fools themselves. Don’t fuk with this chick. you can’t say I didn’t warn you guys. Just look at her criminal record shows that she is thefts, domestic violence because she loves to be tan people especially men child neglect and being under the influence of heroin methamphetamine and Xanax and of course weed. There is nothing good I can say about this girl just just stay away from her cuz she brings nothing but trouble your way and your sh1t will go missing.

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