Pat King. Red Deers KING Racist

Pat King. Red Deers KING Racist. Pat, this was the best place for me to post my undying interest for you. All my life I’ve wondered “Where have all the small d1cked, Jesus loving, douche bag Harley riding, white privileged and racist little boys gone?”. And all of the sudden, God answered my prayers and showed me your decrepid, weathered, boomer mug. And welp. Let’s say im drier than the Sahara desert with thoughts of you. The way you troll and hate on Black and Indigenous people is sooooo inspiring, you make me want to be a better person. You make me want to find your ex and ask her how/why she could say goodbye to a treat like you. My how she’s really losing out on all your triggered video rants and targeting of anyone you deem unworthy to be on your level of white privilege. And the level of stability your sons must see in you, while you hate on BIPOC, trying to raise some more of them “good old boys” that Alberta’s are known for hey? Oh Pat, you are truly one of thee worst pieces of scum this city has produced. Stay white and entitled old timer, or better yet DONT and go educate yourself with something other than Fox News and Alex Jones.

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