Never Had A Job Jamie/James Gilbert

Never Had A Job Jamie/James Gilbert. All this losers life he lived off his father, his pepsi dealing brother, or his gf. This is Jamie Gilbert of Red Deer Alberta. Jamie Gilbert is an adult with no licence no responsibilities living under the shadow of his older brother when was the last time you seen Jamie Gilbert work other then community hours to avoid the remand center or any real jail time ? There’s not a tuff part of Jamie gilbert he smokes Drugs hang off his older brother. Jamie Gilbert is 30+ some years old but he can’t pay child support Even when he slangs the pepsi it all goes to his dept’s around Red Deer, Alberta. This is a photo of when Jamie started out his adulting. with a peddle bike smoking all the drugs meth,crack, heroine. Jamie Gilbert thinks he Red Deers tuff kid then there is reality everyone that he knows or that knows him Lynch guys. Boarder line Dry Rat always parading around looking for damaged girls with children to live off of. “Jamie Gilbert is not man enough to meet someone alone he doesn’t have the parts. He must have got treatment or living off of his father inharatence getting scruffy around the face. Red Fag on Jamie Gilbert he fuked my best friend over she has kids to feed. You will find him hanging out with alot with vonerable people that are easy robbed or set up when they make Jamie mad he does exactly what all the rest of garbage that fills the streets of Red Deer alberta.

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