Lorelei Hughes — Heads Up Red Deer!

Lorelei Hughes — Heads Up Red Deer!. Red deer, this is LORELEI HUGHES. Also known as Lorelei Easy on Facebook and around the city for obvious reasons. You can catch this cunt at any bar bathroom taking bumps of pepsi or speed while walking around aimlessly trying to hide her drug face. You’ll be able to tell she’s on something by the way her snotty lips move. Those lips are good for more then just rocking her crack face, ladies and gentlemen, as she’s pretty easy to get a blowiob from if you pay her enough. You can find her on certain sugar daddy websites seeking extra cash to afford her disgusting habit. Not only that, she’s one of the more high egotistical CVNTS I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.if you’re looking to be degraded, shamed for sexuality, discriminated by race, then Lorelei is your girl. This is not a nice girl. Stay FAR AWAY from this one.

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