Len Ashe — User

Len Ashe — User. Compulsive liar,Sicko Fetishes, Nacissitic,Scvm Bag. Don’t date this scumbag unless you want to end of a broken mess of destruction and chaos left in his heartless and uncaring ways. He has been caught in lies and refuses to acknowledge that he has done anything wrong. Len doesn’t care about dating women,all he cares about is sex. He is a very controlling freaksroid and a master in disguise. Len doesn’t understand the concept of morals. When he has no more use for you he throws you under the bus and moves on Traumatizing a person life with lies!!! Len makes up lies as he goes along. He is a selfish person and screws over whoever he can. Len stop being fake and stupid. He likes to look at pictures of naked men and is addicted to porn. Len has a very small c. K you need a magnifying glass and tweezers. Be careful letting this crazy person into your life. He is such a douchebag. Be warned don’t want to see this scumbag do this to anyone else.

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