Jason Mackenzie — Junkie Goof Robs Good Girls Of Their Lives

He is a narcissistic sociopath who takes good girls and ruins them with his abusive ways, degrading insults, cheating, lies and sabotage. He steals vehicles and everything else he can from his so called love and justifies it by bringing it back when he is done with the latest escort and cheap hotel room he steals your car to drive to. He is an addicted gambler and drug user and does nothing but destroy everything and everyone that he can and he plans it all too ahead of time. He is useless and a total drain on the economy and a deadbeat dad too. He has 4 kids with 3 women and knows none of them. He is a lifer and will never amount to anything. Dont date him unless you want to end up a broken mess of destruction and chaos left in his heartless and uncaring wake. Be warned. Oh and one more thing he loves to drug and assault women sexually while they are unconscious and likes underage girls too. Watch your daughters mama bears.

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