Amber Solberg — The Towns Bicycle!!!

Looking for a quick fuk? Are you between the age of 18-45? Well you are in luck. Just stop by you local drug dealers for a gram of blow then head on over to her house, middle of the day? Don’t matter uncle, her kids will be getting raised by the tv as always, house messy and gross? Busy life having so many guys on the go, now wave the bag of blow at her and she will fallow you anywhere you’d like, And if you knock her up and become baby daddy number 3 don’t stress it because she won’t let you see the kid anyways and blame you for having to do it all on her own, of course that is if you like loose holes and sea food with a side of beef curtains. And after it’s all done she will try to bring you down to her and family’s low life but don’t be fooled, just feed there cocaine addiction and they will forget all about it.

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