Tori Todd — Vindictive Home Wrecker

Tori Todd — Vindictive Home Wrecker. This girl. Oh boy. She goes after taken men. Once she gets involved with a taken guy who has a family, kids, prego gf, she will stop at nothing to screw up the guy, his life, his family and their kids. Not even just a one time deal. She submits to her victims for years until their lives are destroyed to her liking. There is something Seriously wrong with this chick. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH HER! Ever! She will destroy anything she gets her hands on. Watch your men ladies. She will stop at nothing to destroy anyone’s life. She is completely heartless. Even when she has a bf she will go screw around with a taken guy. She has gotten multiple times, from switching been so many men. She thinks she is Gods gift to all men. She’s not even that good looking.

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