Tobin Woods, Prince George’s Finest Sociopath

Nik, this is Tobin Woods. He thinks he is a superior breed of human being and that he is the best looking guy on earth. Well this lowlife likes to use his superficial charm to make women believe he cares for them so they will buy him things. He likes to pretend that he has his life together because he works everyday, but the truth is he is a raging alcoholic and m*th head.
He went to jail for 3 years and had this girl who stood by his side through the whole ordeal.Made sure he had a nice place to come home too and he treated her like sh*t when she got a job in camp. She trusted that he would pay the rent, but she wasn’t gone even 48 hrs when he was seen sneaking this disgusting nasty needle junkie into her house. When she found out, she came home right away, losing her job and when she got home she went in her room and found used condoms on the bedroom floor, and her dirty used spoon and needle.
He spent all the rent money leaving her struggling to pull it together and then moves out unannounced, which left her unable to cover the rent and causing her to be evicted, leaving her and her 17 yr old son homeless. He uses women for whatever he can- lies, cheats, hits wome,n and when he doesn’t get what he wants he has a temper tantrum and resorts to bullying.
Ladies, he may be easy on the eyes, but I heard he sucks in bed can’t last more than 2 mins and is so in love with himself he doesn’t know how to love anyone else. He is beyond ugly on the inside- downright mean and blames all his problems on everyone else. He is a user and will lure you in and then break you down, make you feel insecure, and when he tosses you for the next one you will be left broken.

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