Sleeping With Married Men For Money/ Benefits

Well, it is sad to say but karma is the key here. This lady is totally out of control. Dated her for a month and in that time she had 4 plastered drunken events followed by days of self pitty and missing work. She is on and off every day, you never know what you are going to get. One moment she is telling you she cares and wants to keep you and literally an hour later it is leave me alone I need to figure stuff out. Then there is no communication at all for days. I was not sure why until I seen her again and she was again plastered drunk. Admitting to me she has been sleeping with a couple married male friends for money to help pay the bills. So women who are married and their husbands know this lady, keep an eye on him. She admitted it was just the day before she had slept with a married guy

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