Rachel Rose Lynn — Crackewhore Deluxe

Rachel’s the type of girl that would put her boyfriend in jail and run around snorting pepsi and sucking d1cks on the daily. The amount she lies and steals is unbearable, she relies on mommy and daddy’s money to get her through her pathetic life problems. She smokes more rock than the gravel in your front yard real gutter muffin topped looking b1tch that would fuk your boyfriend if she gets the chance. She’s a real classy, “ I need money, 20 is 20 bucks” type a girl, a real keeper. She’s had more d1cks inside her than a gay bar, she was fuking my bro Riley while Brandon Leonard was in jail because of her. All she did was snort pepsi and drink until we all ran outta money and she kicked us out. She’s the type to make up dumbass sh1t to make herself feel better about her sh1tty low life, it’s not our fault that you do so much molly that you crash your whip and then ask daddy for his truck. I feel bad for Brandon honestly buddy you can do so much better than that gutter pig headed a55 slack jaw b1tch who works for her parents just so she won’t get fired. I can only imagine how much her parents wish they used a condom, the amount of regret they must feel is surreal with this b1tch.

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Reyselyn Martinez Santiago is a crack whore and illegal from Manilla, Philippines!!!

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