Landon Mummery Full Blown Psycho

This ugly a55 drd having goof is full blown twisted and psycho, one minute he fine next minute he psycho, he’s bi polar as fck. He may come off as a nice guy but he super obsessive and way over jealous, gets crazy mad just having a guy look at you and will make you delete every guy off your social media. And watch out ladies, he has drds too! And he’s legit dumber then a fckn door knob and completely useless, can’t do anything half decent at all and even a shitty father. He talks a lot of sht about his ex’s when in reality he’s the problem and all his ex’s Have him completely blocked and So now he blows up their emails to this day even tho they all left him forever ago, like I said obsessive psycho stalker, doesn’t know when to quit, will push your buttons. Don’t waste your time cause once you leave him you gonna wish you never fckn met him cause he will make your life hell cause he can’t accept the fact he ain’t worth loving. He’s disgusting anyways and not even a good lay and can’t handle his alcohol at all, it’s embarrassing af

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Sora skinner or IDREAMOFPUROPSE is a liar and a DRD