Jack Girrior — Rapist/ Pedo / Goof Cheater

This guy is a straight up liar and manipulator. Goes after girls who are messed up on drugs so they don’t see his train wreck cheating ways. Has drds and refuses to get help. You got a drug problem he will feed into it to keep you around. Finally got himself a decent girl last year but ruined it because he fell into some money and didn’t know how to act. Tried to buy anyone he could because he has no real friends. Brags about jail and having his own cell what a broken souls. Lies about why he went to jail on four charges of rape and tells everyone it’s due to drugs he went in for. He will lie and use you to get what he wants and be careful he likes to keep it on the family and will 4huck anything or anyone with a hole even if you’re male and force you too and say you like it. This what you came for. Consider yourself warned girl/ guy of pg Also he isn’t published in the newspapers because two of his past gf dUghters he raped for a year amd when his only blood daughter born and his gf was in the hospital he had a 13 year old with him every night while she was in the hospital he brags about it. Now that girl is a hooker hooked on drugs just his type

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