Georgeanne Redpath Fowler — Bipolar DRD Selfish Hose Bag

This nasty spanking is trying to beat a world record! All this bipolar b1tch cares about is getting the “D”. Whether she’s single or not, this selfish squaw only cares about herself and getting the next c0ck she can find! Watch out tho men! She will purposely get pregnant with your kid, and make your life a living nightmare!!!! You’ll be stuck dealing with a bastard child and have a little lifetime friend of your personal own if you hit the sack with this one! Stay clear of this life ruining skank wad, brainless waste of skin! She is full of lies! She will always point the blame at someone else and never takes responsibility for her actions. This manipulative, dirty, waste of skin can’t even take care of the kid she has. Just another waste of skin roaming the earth, dirty and brainless. This cum wad selfish whore should have never reproduced! Talk about a walking living nightmare! This dumb b1tch needs to fuk off forever and take a long walk off a cliff and do this world a favor! Give your head a shake and teach yourself and your kid some basic life skills! If you see this skank walking down the street, steer clear, she will ruin your life!!

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