Elizabeth Irene — Gutterslut Open 24/7 Just Like 711

This gak whore is a true winner. She steals peoples boyfriends tells them she’s educated and yet doesnt have a job. I guess she went to the school of suckin d1ck. Either way she apparently has meat curtains like youve never seen before. Bet the Continental soldiers got put to shame!!! Anywho this b1tch would rather smoke meth all day and night she. Has people come move into her house but then will steal all ur sh1t and say your stealing her sh1t. She went as far as stealing the only pictures a girl had left of her babies that passed away tragically. Like who the fuk does that. Irene does! Stupid go no where in life cvmdumpster. YOUR mother shouldve ate u while your bones were soft b1tch.

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