Arissa Corin Norum — Not So Sweet And Innocent

Old, Loose, & Dirty! Keep this one in your town PG. This girl friend requests men she doesn’t know threw fb and starts chatting it up. I live in Calgary Alberta, her In Prince George BC. So I didn’t know her prior to this. She seemed ok, pretty and entertaining lol and generous with the nude pics. I’ll take those free cheap trills if your passing them out. We messaged back and forth for a couple months. Then recently she came to Calgary for our Country music festival. FYI, This girl does not look like her fb pics. She uses all those dumb filters woman use to alter there looks to make them look better. But after many Hey Y’all while we partied it up she wasn’t looking too bad so we fuked. And I banged the sh1t out of her. Just feel bad for the poor suckers back in Prince George who she is in relationship(s) with haha. That’s right. You boys are sharing that pu55y back home. She has many fb accounts that she uses to message guys on. Arissa Corin Norum, Ary Ssa, and B Lane Redmond. There is probably more but you got the idea. Definitely not a faithful bring home to momma kinda girl. If it doesn’t bother you that she’s an old washed up dirty wanna be country girl, fuken hit that sh1t up. She loves c0ck and will do anything for attention. Just wrap it boys. Cause she left me with a fuken drd you stupid b1tch. Get some plastic surgery you smelly fish cause those photo filters don’t help you in person. Hope your boys back home catch on to your hidden world of sex, lies, and fake identities. And catch what you gave me! Party on Risa

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