Amanda Melenka — Dirty POF Lying Steeling Cheating Drd Infested Grilled Cheese Slamwhich

Watch out men of Prince George, if you’re searching for a woman on POF… beware of this one!! Goes by the name moon of pof, no profile pic. She claims she is a mechanic but can’t hold a job if her life depended on it. Also claims her ex abused her.. FALSE!! She is the abuser. She brought drd home to her marriage, he kicked booted her as to the curb.. rightfully!! She puts her children in danger taking them all over BC trying to find a man to let her move in. Lost her job in vanderhoof due to smoking meth. Beware, she likes men and women.. your life will be forever changed if you get with this one! Dont say you weren’t warned! Karma is a b1tch hey amanda?!!! Still living at your dads house or did you find a new man to take your dirty a55 in?

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