Woodrow Taylor — Nasty Cheater

This foul man is Woodrow Taylor 111. He has porn star tattooed on his stomach and thinks he is God’s gift with his under average uncut d**k. He cheats on every female he is with and fails to tell them he has hepatitis. He is arrogant and boastful and only likes to talk about himself. His only game is to feed woman large amounts of drugs in hope they will sleep with him. He brags about how he use to be a big pepsi dealer but in reality he is a rat that had to run from his hometown so he didnt get shot. He is almost 40 but thinks he is going to be a DJ when he grows up. He walked out on his family for some slut he found hitchhiking on the side of the street. He is a pathological liar a, drug addict, and beats on woman. He has no car and drives his bosses truck and talks a big game when in reality he has nothing but a bunch of debt and dentures. After he left his family he cheated on his new girlfriend with some other hog and danced as round high on molly with a mangina. He lives with a gay guy and I’m pretty sure also suks d1ck and his ability to admit he is gay is why he is habitual cheater.

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