A-Lexiss Vankaughnett — Meth Addict, And Mooch

A-Lexiss Vankaughnett — Meth Addict, And Mooch. This woman is a poor excuse of a mother. She walks the streets with her small children flailing. She’s a delusional psycho whom abuses her children and her men. She smooches off whomever she can to pay for her meth addiction. She will crawl into any man’s bed as long as you put a roof over her head. She does not work and never has. People this is where your tax dollars go to, loser scvm bags like her. She keeps having babies with whom ever will spread her legs. Just talked to my brother in the trades and he can’t seem to get rid of her, she refuses to get out of his house. So beware Vegreville, stay away from this mutt!

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