Lila Nichole-Alexandra Of Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Lila Nichole Alexandra is an attention seeking manic depressive who cares nothing about anyone or anything other than herself. The second you speak to her she will ask you, “do you think I’m fat?” And right away she will send half naked photos or nudes without hesitation to every guy who asks or plays along. She has a terrible self body image, has chronic depression that she takes out on everyone, and shes spiraling out of control. She’s an attention floozy who claims “it’s my body and I can show it to whoever I want.” Well, this is the consequence for her actions. Out of respect, I will not submit them, but I will if provoked or pushed to that extent. She works in a dead end job, she sleeps around, and has nothing going for her life. She has no friends, smokes pot every day to escape her life, and has no respect for herself or anyone and treats everyone around her like sh*t. She’s a terrible human being who likes to string along men and likes to push away anyone who gets close to her. I highly suggest anyone who tries with her to keep their distance. I regret ever meeting the girl.

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