Francesca Di Pietro

Francesca Di Pietro. I met Francesca (Fran) Di Pietro at Queens and was told she was the easiest, nastiest girl who blew half of the school. Buy this chubby rich kid a few drinks and she’ll be on her knees blowing you in your dorm. She is known to get drunk every day and take home a new guy every night, and cheat on every guy she dates. Maybe thats why she got kicked out of school in her first year smh. Honestly wasn’t worth it as she isnt even good at it, and her friends are as ugly, fat, and annoying as her. Beware: this clingly girl with daddy issues will never leave you alone, always blowing up your phone (even years later!!!!). Take the hint that no guy wants you. This male attention seeker is always shopping around for new d1ck and for her talking to 5 guys at once is on “the low side”. She is known to be a home wrecker, keep your BF’s away as she will try and fuk him behind your back. Hope this miserable slut never finds happiness at all. Stay far away or be prepared to have to change your number…

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