Jessica Kubistek — 4 Baby Daddies Ugly B1tch

This scum bag right here is Jessica Kubistek of Latrobe. If you live in the area you’ve probably heard stories or probably even slept with her raunchy ass. She has 3 kids to 3 different dads and another on the way with yet again a different dad!! She lives in low income housing and has every guy she meets move in and be a daddy to her kids, while she lives rent free because she doesn’t tell her landlord her fuk of the month lives there. She’s known as a psychopath with known drds and sleeps with everyone so that they can pay her bills for her while she works as a pizza cook. It’s sad that her kids don’t even like her and talk about her and say it’s sad that none of them know or get to see their dads and how she has a new boyfriend all the time. She doesn’t clean her house it smells like dog sh1t/piss all the time, and her poor kids get picked on for being so dirty and wearing nasty clothes to school because her mother would rather worry about her next screw. Welfare queen with a receded hair line is all she’ll ever be

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