Admir Huskic — The Biggest Fraud

So this guy basically dates girls and plays the fuk out of them. He uses dating apps to get girls to like him and he will purposely create problems like a psycho out of the blue! He will call you private at least 35 times in the night. If that’s not enough, if you don’t answer him he will show up to your work and he’s done that to 4 girls including myself so far. He said he got us all gifts but sent us the same pictures of the same sh1t. He took out a girl to moxies and left her stranded with the bill to go see another one at her apartment. He has a shrimp between his legs and he compensates that lack of manhood by getting as much attention from girls as possible and he will hara55 through texts like crazy. You won’t ever get to know his life, because he hides a whole family and a girl and everything for years now. He is a fraud and he will waste your time to get something, and he’s gonna give the same speech about having “”a good heart”” and that he always gets screwed over just to get you hooked by pity. The song is getting old and if you see him on tinder just swipe left and save yourself because you’re gonna be next in his bullshit and you’re gonna get posted without even knowing on all his socials. he feels comfortable posting the selfies sent to him online and its creepy af. He’s litteral trash .

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