Christina Burnsworth The North Versailles Narcissist

This here is 36 year old Christina Burnsworth aka the North Versailles Narcissist. This bit of nasty works for Pittsburgh’s 911 and has serious emotional and psychological problems (NPD) as well as being a blatant racist. Every other word out of her mouth is the N word. This woman is a pathological liar and has an extensive history of emotional trauma that causes her to treat men like objects or a means to an end and once she is done sucking whatever attention and energy she can get out of them (like a true narcissist) she throws them out like yesterday’s garbage, no emotion at all. She’s on 10+ different medications, threatens suicide when she isn’t getting enough attention and from what a buddy of mine tells me she’s out of yet another relationship where she ruined the guys life by cheating, lying and manipulating him. She’s been in 5 “relationships” in under 2 years. The girl has serious issues and is a pit of negativity and spends the majority of her time on Pittsburgh’s local Tinder search where she seeks out new men to fulfill her never-ending desire for attention and gregs. Very common for this girl to be sleeping with 2-4 men at a time with no protection, one of her own friends said one of the guys told her that she probably has drds(yuck!). The moment the man (or men) figure out who this woman really is (a narcissistic energy vampire) she lies, deflects, makes up fake stories and disappears/ends the relationship and pops back up on Tinder looking for more Narc Supply. This cycle has apparently repeated for 3-4 years ever since her husband kicked her to the curb. Fellas in Pittsburgh, beware, this woman will ruin your life and potentially transmit drippy drops to your wang-tang.

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