Ashlea Spitz- thieve

To the left is the old Ashlea. Dirt name all over this city. She claims to be very successful in the design industry. Has a compulsive lying sickness. She also loves to steal. She likes to talk herself up but is so cheap she wears fake designer shit. She likes to fuck around and get money from men. Drunk all the time out of control. Not to mention she’s over 40 years old and can’t hold a relationship with her narcissist illness. She’s crashes parties she not even invited to. She’s been dumped in every relationships and tells a fantasy story to people claiming she’s a victim. But then she’s the one who steals, drinks, lies….. what else lol just a piece of shit to this society.
Your friend beside you is also a coke addict talking shit about being boss babes this and that. Get a grip you two are both too old and too late to change your shitty ass habits.
Please stop pretending to be some successful bitch around town.
Your whole families got issues just a crazy hen house of crazy bitches lol.

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