Christie Nelson Payne — Aka Pennywise The Fake Positivity Clown!

Christie Nelson Payne — Aka Pennywise The Fake Positivity Clown!. Nik, this is Christie but she looks more of a Chris! “She” looks like a man in drag in every photo! the most annoying disgusting people you will ever meet. She is the reason why people have exposed the “positivity” community as FAKE!! she is nothing but an egotistical Narcissist giving herself more credit than she deserves. She has a fat cuck for a husband that she married in 2006. She has no qualms or home training to go out and about with men as a married woman. She thinks she is some positivity fitness guru. Please explain to me how someone that’s obsessed with crossfit is still bad bodiesd! she used to be obese, now she is just bad bodied with a face like pennywise the clown and teeth that resemble broken candy cane pieces. She is in her 30s but looks nothing like her “age”. She is joke, people literally laugh behind her back! She gives the illusion of knowing many people in the Phenix area because she is clingy and obnoxious! She is not the positive person she wants to present, she is a NARCISSIST! it makes sense she wrangled some fat loser since 2006! he stands and watches her go out with married and single men. Which I find revolting! what married person hangs with single and married man? where do they do that at? She is originally from Minnesota and she really is trash from the twin city. She prides herself on being a mom yet spends ALL time online . She is a fake “woke” narcissistic Psychopath. She is aging like curdled milk and has the nerve to brag about being an “extrovert when she is a clingy pathetic loser. She had no friends in high school, she was an obese loser all her life but she uses her fake positivity to reel in people. She needs a lesson on respect and to understand that it is DISRESPECTFUL as a married woman to be out with single and married men! it’s obvious that she was raised by a single mother, because married women do not do this. I guess her husband thinks that nothing can happen since she looks thee way she does, she is cheat-proof. Taking photos with random people doesn’t make you a celeb or an extrovert. She is pathetic and will never amount to anything. I know her in real life and she is as long winded and annoying as they come! Her husband sits in the house while she is out all night! She is no fitness instructor or anyone in any position to give advice on fitness or life. She needs to take her papercut thin lips, knee deep wrinkles, lightbulb shaped head off social media and go raise her kids! She is living a WHOLE lie online!

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