April Sanderson — Just Another Fake Country Girl

This girl is fake as fuk. Everyone I know has banged her, and she has passed around DRD and DRD to at least 4 of my close friends. She pretends to be a country girl but lives in the city in a shack with her fresh of the reserve alcoholic and drug addict boyfriend, dont quite recall his name but its unimportant anyways. Her one daughter has 3 dads, and she wont tell any of them which one is the real dad. She continues to get support from all 3 while abusing the welfare system and making crab hair infested Tim Hortons coffee for the general public. Her house smells like a dirty toilet, and all of her fake hillbillie friends accumulate on her front lawn where she willingly gives blowjobs to them all while her kids run up and down the street. Just down the street is her dirty uncle who has also fuked her, and his 2 goofy roomates fattboy and slim, who have also fuked her dirty uncle. She will fuk your husbands, sons, brothers, hell she will fuk everyone who she meets she is 33 years old.

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