Alicia Dawn Peterpaul — Look Out For Hurricane Cori. She’s A Natural Disaster.

Hurricane Cori is her stage name and also her snapchat name. She is truly a natural disaster. She’s been fired from every sex trade job she’s ever worked, but still insists on doing it. Here in Newfoundland that includes the Cotton Club, Sirens, Hush and the Red Room. She is mentally unstable. She talks to her stuffed monkey and expects you to treat it like it was real. She’s turned male and female friends against each other through head games, and if she’s ever called out on it through Facebook her family attacks you. All of this seems to be preparation for the fact that she’s goes to school for politics. She even has a selfie with prime minister Justin Trudeau. This woman is going to be a future political scandal for someone someday for sure. Heck, she might even be prime minister one day. God, help us all.

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