Bruce William Brownstein, Serial Cheater And Sociopath

Bruce William Brownstein Serial Cheater And Sociopath.Bruce Brownstein is a serial cheater and a sociopath. He is also a pathological liar. He was married and had 3 children, but in secret started impregnating numerous women and started collecting families. He is v****a dependent and thought that getting women pregnant would make him feel more like a man, even though he was only about 2.5 inches fully erect. Somehow he found very desperate women who couldn’t find any normal men to sleep with them, so Bruce stepped up and slept with numerous diseased whores. He has horrible hygiene and would wear the same dirty clothes day in and day out. Franca Stedile Angeli, MD was one of those desperate “women,” who couldn’t find any normal men to have s*x with her. Bruce checks off every box of a sociopath and he was highly unethical.

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