Matthew Morris — Deadbeat Father And Dirty Cheater

This guy fuked my girl over …. got her pregnant , was seeing her over a couple years , than cheated on his arab gf of only one year and got her pregnant and now … can’t face reality and his girlfriend Rita hbanty was willing to cadet for his cheating ALL year and not his child so made him choose and he chose this fuking chick … who he said the sex sucked and that she smelt bad … yeah my friend told me …. my girl deserves better and this fuking low life fooled her … and not only him it what WOMAN thinks this is ok … so RITA your a Fcking low life that can see tour own god damn worth …. he’s gunna cheat again. Cause let’s face it – he’s into some sht that you can’t do #KINKY ….. Fuking shame he can’t take responsibility … my girl even said no child support if you see your child and he couldn’t do that …. so ladies !!! be aware of this fuking low life of a man …. yeah actually a fuking boy …

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