Katie Dollen — BEWARE OF THIS LITTLE SKUNT. Hi there nic This little swine runs around claiming she cares about people and yet trys to fraud people of they’re hard earned money claiming its for people with mental disabilities but no one was fooled and she made not so shocking 0$ donation because everyone thought a 100 fundraiser was fishy considering shes on social assistance and had no drinking or drug money so she thought it would be a great idea to try and be a sly fox as time passes on you start to really notice some whack stuff like starting problems with people yelling racist comments to random folks walking down the road minding they’re own business so once she manages to get someone upset enough they usally do what most do when some rando is yelling nonsense that would get anyone one killed and she thinks its a game she takes advantage of people because shes just a she has burned everyone that helped her financially taking care of her animals cause she cant she is a compulsive liar and will play mental games to make her horse crap more palatable she is abusive to her kid to the point where her parents took custody and she no longer had rights to that child at all her apartment has bed bugs cockroaches etc Watch out ot this thot has aids its sad to see all those people come in and out of her place if you messed with this thot go get checked quickly

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