CHEATING CVNT – Angie Malinin

She’s whiny, bossy, demanding and lazy! She thinks because she now has a daughter that she’s a better person! I’ve been in her life for years and she’s the ugliest person inside and out. She told her pill popping pepsihead husband she was a virgin and boy that was a LIE! He thinks he’s been her only one yet she tells everyone how small his d1ck is and how bad he is in bed….so she cheats! She gets her husband to befriend these guys and then fucks them so he will never suspect! She once even fuked this “ongoing lay, for years” after a night out with hubby on their anniversary! She used to go to her “best friends” house on her lunch breaks to FUK guys. She’s had multiple 3-somes and even gets jealous when these dudes move on from her! She threatens them, bribes them and manipulated them when she doesn’t get her way! She picks up restaurant dishwasher boys on her way to the bathroom and fuks them afterwards when hubby isn’t around. Her specialty is parking lot quickies in cars! Everyone has said she’s a horrible lay yet she keeps trying. Rumor has it, her daughter isn’t even her husbands. She fuks guys she works with and guys who have been her best friend for years! She’s a fake friend who’s quick to turn on you and talk mad trash behind your back. But it’s ok, her husband cheats too, they’ve both been doing it for years, so they’re even right?! The worst part is they have these 2 mutual friends who they each cheat in front of and they think their secrets are safe with them…..but watch your back! Her only real friend is her mother! When her and hubby are each out with their most “trusted friend”, is when they each cheat! They’re like wolves looking for their next prey, yet they pretend to be perfect! Pretentious losers! The best is, I’m still in her life and can still walk into her house and call her mom “mom” and she’ll never see it coming because she has so many people who hate her! Stay away from this filthy, DRD infested, uneducated white trash whore who fuks anyone to get attention. She also can’t keep a job to save her life and is going nowhere. She will always live with her potty mouth trash mother because she can’t afford sh1t on her own, but we can clearly see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I just hope her daughter sees it and grows up to be better unlike her nasty cvnt mother

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