Breanna Raymond — Cheating Skank

Breanna Raymond Cheating Skank.Meet Breanna Raymond this girl is a h0e. She left her man Antony mac 4 weekends in a row , left her kids for days at a time so she can go on a binge and go and cheat on her man with Adam arbour the most disqusting person out there . Never once asked about how her kids are. She doesn’t care this girl has no heart in her at l . Over 5 year relationship with Antony mac and she cheats on him with one of his so called friends Adam arbour . This kid is a snake in the grass cannot be trusted . At the end of the day there both buckets and they deserve each other . Dead beat mom who lost custody of her kids and acts like everything is alright. This girl is the most nasty thing I have ever met.

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