Garrett Love — Double Life

Garrett Love — Double Life. Met him on bumble and my friend found him on a similar website to this (how I got the idea). asked him about it and he said the girl was crazy. ok fine. I ignore it. well he cheats on me 2x from bumble I get screenshots from the girls and he tells them the same thing he tells me. his bumble said he lives in Irvine but he lives w his parents. when I first met him his profile said the same thing but he conveniently moved before I saw it so who knows if he ever had his own place. he conned me into buying adt alarm from him cuz he sells it he said he would pay for it cuz he wanted me to be safe but he never has. hes also borrowed money from me not paying back and is the BIGGEST slob. also can only stay hard in doggystyle.

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