Adam Roy Mentally Abusive FUK

Adam Roy Mentally Abusive FUK. 1) blames everyone else for his problems 2) blames my friends mom all the time about cheating and not being faithful when she is but he is the one that thinks about sucking a guys d1ck for money is okay? 3) THIS IS FOR THE COPS WHO REPEATED LET HIM GO FOR DRINKING AND DRIVING. almost hit a lady once also. 4) always causes a fight with his girlfriend when all she does is hang out with her kids, he would be invited but her two kids hate him for the abuse he gives her. he basically wants the kids out of the picture. 5) gets mad at her for working. (so he wants a stay at home chick with no life) 6) all he does is drink. picked up hookers one night when my friend and her mom were hanging out because he was mad. that night he caused a fight with another male. 7) made my friend walk home alone in the middle of nowhere when her and her mom went camping with a few others, because he couldnt take no for a answer. she walked in the bush and a dark road for a hour before i picked her up.PATHETIC HUMAN BEING. 8) he ex bestfriend messaged her mom saying she needs adam away from him before he gets a restraining order agaisnt him. if that doesnt show you how he treats his friends, that his bestfriend would go so far to get a restraining order. 9) the mom told me she found notes from his ex girlfriend breaking up with him in her words she didnt want to do it in person because she was terrifed. should also show how he is with woman. 10) calls the daughter boyfriend names while he actually treats her right, unlike him who makes rude comments about his girlfriend age. 11) you wont be able to see friends without a fight, while he is allowed to do whatever he pleases i have the sceneshots i can get from the friend of basically everything. this guy is sad human who needs to get mentally checked. the only way to make him happy is to listen to him. to not work and never have kids. 24/7 attention gotta be his. say goodbye to your life. This photo discribes him so great. A CLOWN…

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