Adam Ouellette Flippin Redneck Cheater

Adam Ouellette Flippin Redneck Cheater. Nik, I’m kieran from the UK, his ex’s future husband. I found out he was avoiding her and doing all this stupid sh1t and playing games with her to treat her like sh1t again. I knew he was treating her like a Black playtoy. I came to Canada to propose to Hannah bc pisces and sagittarius love forever me n his ex b1tch and i will take all and more of his b1tches for threesomes with me and hannah cuz we freaks like that and i wanna spite him, all his h0es white and black, this dumb a55 gemini aint sh1t he going around saying all this sh1t about how he’s a good man when he’s a liar and a loser with a dead end job and blaming things on hannah and he’s also mentally deranged he will go say that he’s depressed to play games with her and fuk other h0es and he’s a racist too because he flaunts the racist flag everywhere, i’m white british and saying this. B money told me about this website, and he out here with some ugly b1tch with weird eyes we knew he aint sh1t and a liar and manipulator girls stay away he will break your heart! Im here laughing because im only 22 and i know how to treat women better than this 2 faced dual chump. He also goes by Rebecca because we all know he’s projecting the b1tch wasteman he is by being a half time girl. U nuh wanna romp wid mi. Wasteman ever come near my fiancé we’re gonna fight.

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