Steph Johnson — White Trash Mommy

This, we’ll say for sake of argument, “mom” can be heard for yards, daily yelling at her small son that she wishes she had given him up at the hospital, that she will get rid of him to the next person who wants him. I’v seen her pulling on him like a dolly being dragged by a toddler on several occasions in the wentworth plaza, Not sure where she lives or I would gladly have called authorities on her that poor little boy shouldn’t have to grow up with a mother who screams and curses at him like that and who tells him she would be happier without him. If you know this girl and where she lives and have witnessed this cruelness and have done nothing to help her boy, I say shame on you too! I have cried for that boy wondering where he lives so some one can go save him. No child should have to suffer like that.

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