Megan Poirier — AKA Home Wrecker

Megan Poirier — AKA Home Wrecker. She think she’s all sweet and innocent but really she’s not, she’s probably out there right now fuking a man giving him some DRDs, she would literally fuk anything that will go inside her fuking pu55y I keep a close eye on your man if I was you unless you want her fuking DRDs all over your man’s d1ck She tries so hard to ruin peoples lives she ruins peoples lives That have babies she makes it so the fathers are not involved because she’s so jealous that she wants this one particular man to her self she fuk this man’s life up because he had a baby with another woman now he can’t see this kid because of her. She will do anything to fuk your life up if she doesn’t like you she’s out there right now fuking four-man at a time but but telling each man that she’s not seeing anybody but really she’s out here giving each man an DRD This girl has kids of her own she don’t even have them half the time and when she does she pons them off so she can go out and get fuking drunk and get high of Pepsi and sh1t and get d1ck and when she has her kids all she does is fuking yell and scream at them to the point they don’t even like her

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