Megan Dawn — Megan Julien The Most Dirtyest Girl In Dartmouth!

This girl is just gross! She charges men $20 for sex and she let’s them go bare back for a couple extra bucks.. she’s already gave two people I know an std and she doesn’t care at all! Her body is covered in track marks and her boobs are like deflated air balloons that just sag like her stretched out stomach.. not to mention she’s got red bumps all over her cootchie. I let her do laundry at my house once and she left behind a couple clothes including a pair of thongs that where stained brown and yellow I’ve never seen something so nasty! That was before she stole a bunch of sh1t from my house! But one of the worst parts about this junkie is the fact that she abandoned her little boy becuase she didn’t want the responsibility of being a mother! She post on her Facebook about how much she love him but yet she’s still running the roads fuking old men for money! If you loved your son then you would of never did what you have done to him! She just doesn’t care about anyone or anything she’s just a selfish junkie that will steal lie and cheat. She only cares about herself… I mean if she would treat her own little boy that badly then just think of what she is capable of doing to anyone else!

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