Brittney Spencer — This B1tch Is Rank

Brittney Spencer, from Dominion . CAPE BRETON. This trashy rotten toothed fuk is Brittney Spencer. Can’t call her a woman, can’t call her a lady. Pure disgusting rank trash. Putrid, vile, waste of breath and life. This dumb fuk is all over Social media, every single day. Fighting with, threatening and harassing people. Big bad Brittney. The only thing bad about her is her rotten teeth that she hides with filters, and her vile evil personality. She will steal, lie, cheat and throw anyone under the bus to benefit herself. If you have pills she will do literally anything for one. Her days consist of being cool, getting fuked up on drugs, shooting up and stealing anything she can get her hands on. She babysat my friends baby and left the baby cry from 7am untill 7pm. Never fed her, changed her, nothing. Would just scream for her to STFU and that is it. I have seen her boot kick her dogs over and over and over again in the ribs and head while laughing her head off. She will hit kids she is watching and laugh about it. I have never seen a human being so heartless and nasty to animals and others who are physically weaker than her. She always has to feel superior. She also has an incurable DRD that she purposely spreads to people. It works like this, if you have an ex that you hate, you pay Brittney $100.00. She waits for a flareup and then has sex with him. She is purposely spreading drd to men. Is that not fuking illegal? Who does that? Then she laughs about it. She says because she has it she doesn’t care if others suffer with it. Most biggest coward. All talk on social media but can’t fight if her fuking life depended on it. Oh, only if you are an animal or a child. Yet I always see her on social media acting as if she loves kids and pets. Is that why you beat them ? Karma will get you for being so disgusting and praying on the weak and vulnerable, and spreading you Sexually Transmitted Drds Trash. Vile. Putrid. Coward. RANK.

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