Donnie Mann — Play Boy

This man here gives every girl a run for her heart has 3 children who he doesn’t bother to see or pay his child tax says it’s all the mother’s faluts won’t let him see the kids meanwhile they all have reasons due to he does meth on a daily and just thinks it’s okay to walk in and out of the children’s lives like it’s nothing and they won’t notice he plays with your mind tells you he loves you to just get a free ride at life and once things go down hill he just skips and never looks back he might seem sweet at first but he puts on a really goodmask and then makes it seem like your the problem so just watch out don’t fall for the fake love he’s a methhead who will do anything for a fix too like trade battery s or bikes god even his own clothes PS3 even seen him trade chains and rings that his kids gave him well just be aware he even known to raise a hand on a couple of his ex’s when he’s with a women he will also sit in the bathroom or bedroom or where ever and send d1ck pics and chat with other women he never keeps to one women never he likes to also jerk off into his bong or bike handlebar grips anything he can stick his penis in to be honest get him good and drunk he will tell you alot of stuff got his penis stuck once in a gear man this kid needs help oh lord of there is one please help this kid.

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