Desiraye Casey — Should Of Been Honest

This girl could of had it all. She’s 23 had a great BF who is my bestie. He payed for it all, treated her like gold, gave her what she asked for. How did she repay him. She had sex with any guy that would look at her. Gave him the clap Twice. spent all his money then some. lied and manipulated his friends that he was something he is not. Had his friends furn against him. got his child taken away twice cause he tried to leave her. All while hes trying to help her get on her feet. deal with her father during of cancer so he is there for her fully. But her Meth habit and her need for attention from every dick in the region. and her lack there of care for her self. all around bullshit aditude. treating I’m like shit and him giving her the world. he found out everything and still gave her a chance to come clean and what did he get more and more and more bullshit. she deserves to. have it happen to her and then some. so if you see this dirt squirrel takecacround outta her make sure you wrap it up. make her think she’s getting something. then rip it from underneath her and let her feel how she made him feel.

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